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I am not the typical real estate agent.

I am a real estate and architecture junkie who prefers to buy and sell real estate by the numbers as supported by relentless research – not by emotion, feel or hunch. I believe that real estate brokerage is a business, a serious business that requires the dedication of an entrepreneurial CEO, the courage of a whistle blower and the fortitude to do what’s right for the client despite a possible negative impact on my personal monetary gain.

I am a lover of statistics, trends, forecasts and all things predictable and measurable.

My real estate philosophy and governing beliefs (Jerry Maguire style)

I believe that the true value of real estate is fundamentally indefinable. I take exception to the notion that price is the dominating factor in judging the health of the real estate market. The velocity of sales and total dollar volume/number of sales is a more appropriate method of measurement.

I think that your primary residence is an investment, no matter your station in life. I also believe that it is acceptable to choose to ignore this fact. I believe that the expectation of continual housing appreciation is not only unrealistic, but also dangerous. Your net gain or loss is not a simple function of price sold minus price bought. Location matters, more than you think, but so do layout, structure, depreciation, risk and reward.

All markets are not created equal. There are pocket markets or ‘micro economies’ within the larger market that react to their own market forces despite what the larger governing real estate market is doing. These micro economic forces have a much greater affect on real estate prices in niche, unique or generally scarce product types regardless of their price range.

I make market predictions based upon not only present day value, but also upon what history has taught us and what present economic policy will bring us. I know that one man cannot change value, therefore it is my job to accurately show and correctly forecast where prices are going rather than create a value that does not exist.

I believe that interest rates are being held artificially low by current Treasury department practices that are not sustainable for much longer. I believe that owning real estate with 30 year fixed-interest rate loans in inflationary times is a good hedge. I believe that we are beginning to exit the current deflationary market and will see an extended period of inflation, soon.

I believe in technology and I use it. I prefer the speed of emails and text messages to phone messages, but feel that conversation is a necessary first step to fully understanding and defining the scope of someone’s need. I do not feel that it is inappropriate to text, email, IM or ping at all hours of the day, but do respect curfews on phone calls.

I believe in gathering information from all sources that can affect real estate values. I communicate regularly with area expert high-rise developers, tract builders, bank presidents, day traders, history teachers and Joe the Plumber.

My family comes first. I love my wife and our young son. The dog, I sort of love. Should a conflict arise, I may ask to reschedule, but will never leave you in the dark, unattended or put you in a position that will cause you to lose out on an opportunity.

If you have not read Freakonomics or Super Freakonomics, you should. If you don’t watch NPT, you should. If you don’t have a subscription to Architectural Digest, you should. If you don’t subscribe to the Journal or read banking and financial industry news online, you should. If you want an expert real estate broker who tells you the truth, does not have a sales pitch and treats each real estate transaction like a business, you should contact me.

My belief in real estate can be summed up by the following quote: “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945)

And now for the boiler plate…

Grant Hammond is the foremost Nashville real estate market expert and condo guru. Having represented more than 125 individual condo buyers in just the past 3 years, he has the expertise and connections to secure deals on downtown Nashville real estate. Hammond’s dual focus includes the higher end markets in the southern suburban markets of Nashville. A rare expertise from Vanderbilt to Brentwood rounds out his areas of unique knowledge and insider information. Hammond has guided more than $210 million in real estate transactions since 2002. Hammond holds a Tennessee broker license, an ABR and e-PRO designation and has received more than 27 real estate awards.

In addition to his residential real estate brokerage, Hammond has participated in the genesis of several influential companies that dominate their respected fields. Mr. Hammond is a founding partner in Metropolitan Brokers, LLC, Summit Property Management, LLC, Cumberland Commercial Partners, LLC and RealtyTrust Auctioneers, LLC. Prior to founding Metropolitan Brokers, Grant was a prominent team member on the HummerHomes Team in Brentwood, TN for 3 years. During his tenure on the team, Grant oversaw a 400% increase in residential sales and began the investor portfolio sales and wealth asset management divisions. Prior to his work with the HummerHomes Team, Grant was a co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer for AgentSource, an online-based relocation company. AgentSource is where Grant first learned of the power of the internet as it pertains to the real estate industry and applied his SEO knowledge to create a multi-million dollar company within just two years. Mr. Hammond takes great pride in his companies’ use of innovative technology, end user driven ergonomics, and the transparency by which each company operates. Each company provides you with the highest level of service through acute market knowledge, flawless execution, and individual service.

Awards & Achievements

2005 Realty Executives Award: Executive Club, 100% Club
2006 Realty Executives Award: Top Producing Team in Company $22mil
2007 Realty Executives Award: Top Producing Team in Company $24mil
2008 Realty Executives Award: Executive Club, 100% Club, Top Producer
2009 Realty Executives Award: Executive Club, 100% Club, Top Producer
2010 Realty Executives Award: Executive Club, 100% Club, Top Producer
2011 RealtyTrust Residential Award: Top Producing Broker, 100% Broker
2012 Nashville Emerging Leaders Award, Finalist


2007 Enclave at Hillsboro Village HOA Secretary
2008 Enclave at Hillsboro Village HOA Treasurer
2009 Enclave at Hillsboro Village HOA President
2010 Enclave at Hillsboro Village HOA President
2010 Cumberland Commercial Partners Board
2011 Enclave at Hillsboro Village HOA Secretary
2011 Cumberland Commercial Partners Board
2012 Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS® Grievance Committee
2012 Enclave at Hillsboro Village HOA Secretary


National Association of REALTORS®
Tennessee Association of REALTORS®
Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS®
Williamson County Association of REALTORS®