Airbnb and Short-Term Rental Investment Properties For Sale

Luxury home sales NashvilleReal estate has long been a vital diversification strategy for investors seeking healthy returns. However, a new category of real estate has been gaining prominence in recent years: short-term rental or Airbnb properties.

These are rented out for short terms, typically 3-7 days, and can bring in greater returns than a conventional long-term rental property. While these types of properties require more hands-on management than long-term rentals, an increasing percentage of investors are purchasing short-term rental properties in Nashville. Below are 5 reasons why.

Nashville Airbnb Developments for Sale

Vibe – 1050 East Trinity Lane in East Nashville (updated 12/12/2018)
3br * 2.5ba * 1,527 sq ft * 2 car garage $369,500, 0 left of 23
Phase 1 – 8 units, SOLD OUT
Phase 2 – 7 units SOLD OUT
Phase 3 – 8 units, SOLD OUT
Phase 4 – 7 units, coming very soon
Grant Hammond, Metropolitan Brokers, LLC, call/text 615-945-7123

Endeavor – 26th & Clifton Ave in City Heights (updated 12/12/2018)
1br * 1ba * 625 sq ft studios $219,900, pre-selling now, 2 left
1br * 1ba * 650 sq ft condos $259,900, pre-selling now, 6 left
3br * 3ba *1,920 sq ft * 2 car garage townhomes – SOLD OUT
All phases deliver February 28, 2019.
Grant Hammond, Metropolitan Brokers, LLC, call/text 615-945-7123

Elliott – 2118 Elliott Ave in 12th South/Melrose (updated 12/12/2018)
3br * 3.5ba * 2,000 sq ft * 2 car garage $595,000, 2 left of 15
Phase 1 – SOLD OUT
Phase 2 – SOLD OUT
Phase 3 – Delivers March 2019, 2 left
Grant Hammond, Metropolitan Brokers, LLC, call/text 615-945-7123

3rd & Taylor – Historic Germantown (pre-selling soon)
2br * 2ba* 1,265 sq ft * 1 car garage * rooftop terrace townhomes $495,000, 2 left
4br * 4ba* 2,272 sq ft * 2 car garage * rooftop terrace townhomes $875,000, 2 left
All units deliver December 2019
Grant Hammond, Metropolitan Brokers, LLC, call/text 615-945-7123

Elevate – 31st & Delaware Ave in City Heights (updated 11/18/2018)
3br * 3.5ba * 2,002 sq ft * 2 car garage townhomes $575,900, 11 Units, SOLD OUT
4br * 3.5ba* 2,400 sq ft townhomes $625,000 2 units, SOLD OUT
4br * 4ba *2,802 sq ft * 2 car garage townhomes $675,000 3 units, SOLD OUT
Phase 3 delivers April 15, 2019, SOLD OUT
Grant Hammond, Metropolitan Brokers, LLC, call/text 615-945-7123

Solaris – 28th & Delaware Ave in City Heights (updated 5/21/2018)
4br * 3.5ba * 2,102 sq ft * 2 car garage townhomes $575,900, 8 Units, SOLD OUT
All phases delivering January 30, 2019
Grant Hammond, Metropolitan Brokers, LLC, call/text 615-945-7123

5 Reasons to Buy a Short Term Rental Property in Nashville

Nashville is the hottest Airbnb Market for Investment

In a recently released report, named “The 150 Best Places To Buy A Vacation Rental Property In 2017” and there is little surprise that Nashville, TN is the #1 market in the United States.

The Nashville short-term rental market is exploding

study by Technavio forecast that the global vacation rental market is expected to grow more than 7 percent annually between 2017 and 2021, when it will be worth $194 billion.

Well located short-term rentals make more money than long-term rentals

Within the “Uber radius” of downtown Nashville, annual income for short-term rental properties routinely exceeds the income for long-term rentals. This comes with plenty of caveats, as owners need to consider wear and tear, seasonality, management fees, saturation and other factors that can affect their rental income. But there’s no doubt that most short-term rentals in Nashvile have the capability of out earning long-term rentals when purchased in the correct area.

Moreover, it’s possible to turn short-term renters into recurring revenue. Statistically, vacationers who enjoy their stay in a Nashville Airbnb are 3 times more likely to return to the same Airbnb within 12 months and are 7 times more likely to refer a friend.

Travelers are becoming more experiential

Travelers demand a rental experience that allows interaction with neighborhoods and residents as well as the opportunity to discover aspects of their destination they would never encounter at a hotel. Here within lies a distinct advantage for short-term rentals in Nashville over traditional hotels.

The bigger the group, the bigger the bang for the buck

Short-term rentals are often more affordable, especially for larger groups. Many groups find they prefer the practical comfort of a residential property over a commercial hotel and enjoy the unique ability to continually interact with their group throughout their stay. This could not be truer than for Nashville’s #1 rental demographic: bachelor and bachelorette parties.

The Right Real Estate Agent for the Job

With more than 8,000 licensed Realtors in the greater Nashville area, it can be a real challenge to find representation who not only understands the Airbnb short-term rental market, but one who also knows where to find the highest performing off market properties. As a real estate broker who has represented more than 71 short-term rental properties this year alone, I am in the unique position of not only understanding this investment category, but also knowing of properties prior to the market.

Additionally, I represent several developers who are in the process of building correctly zoned non-owner occupant short term rentals. I know the management companies, the insurers and builders. Let me put my experience to work for you and your group and help build your investment property portfolio. I can be reached via phone/text or fill out the following form.

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