Nashville Real Estate

The Best Places To Buy Foreclosed Property
Last week, published a news story identifying the 10 "Best Places To Buy Foreclosed Homes." The nation's 100 largest metro areas were studied in the process of selecting the...
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The Icon In The Gulch – Nashville, TN
There is a new massive 400+ unit condo building rising from the ground in the area of Nashville know as "The Gulch" that might become the symbol of national real...
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Signature Tower Luxury Condo Update
Giarratana Development’s Signature Tower is not the latest casualty of the subprime financial market debacle, but for the first time I have to admit that the March 31st deadline looms...
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The Economic State of Nashville and Middle Tennessee
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Recently, The Tennessean interviewed Arthur Laffer and ask a few pointed questions about the state of the Nashville economy, here are his answers:Q) Is Middle Tennessee resistant to a recession...
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30-Year Mortgage Rates Hit 4-Year Low!
Housing industry observers are hopeful that the recent decline in mortgage rates will lead to a recovery in the overall housing market. Freddie Mac reports that interest on 30-year fixed...
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Housing Recovery Expected in Second Half of 2008
With help from Congress and an accommodating policy from the Federal Reserve, the housing industry will begin its recovery in the second half of 2008, the National Association of Home...
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