Whetstone Subdivision in Brentwood Foreclosed

whetstone brentwood foreclosure

A Brentwood housing development with million-dollar homes, Whetstone, is in foreclosure.

Developers say this is the first major development in Brentwood to go into foreclosure…read the rest of the Brentwood Whetstone foreclosure story

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5th and Main Condos in Nashville Survive

5th and main condos Nashville

It is rumored that the 5th and Main condos in Nashville have endured receivership and will be placed back on the market any day. From what I understand, Wachovia Bank continues to be involved in the project as the primary construction lender and has actually already resumed construction in phase II…read the full 5th & Main condo story

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Rolling Mill Hill to Enter Receivership

rolling mill hill nashville

It is not my habit to speculate, although I have privately for some time, that the Rolling Mill Hill project is going to enter receivership, but I have it on good accord that this will come to pass. Should this project enter receivership, it will be the third condo development in Middle Tennessee to do so since February 5, 2009. The previous two projects were the 5th and Main building in East Nashville and The Braxton project in Ashland City, 25 miles from downtown…read the entire Rolling Mill Hill receivership posting

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