The Rhythm Sues Cash Strapped Buyers

The Rhythm at Music Row has become the latest new Middle Tennessee condo development to sue buyers who try to back out of their purchases.

Rhythm Partners LLC, the Brentwood-based developer of the 14-story, 105-unit condo building that came online this spring, filed suit Friday against four buyers who would not or could not close on their units…read the entire Rhythm sues condo buyers story

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Downtown Nashville Condos Sold in 2009

This article entitled “Adelicia closing on final units, garners national attention” appeared in the Nashville Business Journal on April the 3rd, 2009. Jenny Burns wrote:

“The luxury condominium tower Adelicia will close on its last four units this month after the developer offered deep discounts to sell out the remaining 20 units in the West End project…read the full downtown Nashville condos sold in 2009 story.

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Downtown Nashville Condo Update

This article entitled “Condos face crucial test” appeared in the Nashville Business Journal on March the 6th, 2009. The author is Turner Hutchens who can be reached at 615-846-4254:

More than a thousand new luxury condos in downtown Nashville seemed like a good idea at the time.

That was just a couple of years ago, and despite the housing, credit and job busts since, developers argue that it still is…read the entire downtown Nashville condo update article.

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