Pictures of Velocity in the Gulch in Nashville

the velocity in the gulch

The entrance to the Velocity is located on the Pine Street side of the building. This side of the building is currently 95 percent complete and looks quite modern….see dozens more Velocity condo pictures

The Gulch Racks Up Another Honorable Mention

the Velocity condos in The Gulch

For a century the Gulch was just a barren railroad corridor, then redevelopment brought it back from the dead. It also created the first LEED Neighborhood Development certification in the South – all while preserving some history. Don’t miss the Station Inn, the mother church of bluegrass, now flanked by new condos and sushi bars…read the full Nashville Gulch awards story

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The Gulch in Nashville Featured in USA Today

the velocity in the gulch nashville

This article entitled “Nashville works to liven The Gulch” appeared in the USA Today on April the 8th, 2009. Larry Copeland wrote:

“NASHVILLE – For decades it was little more than an eyesore, a sunken warren of freight railroad tracks and run-down brick warehouses that was home mostly to vagrants and a bluegrass bar with boarded windows.

The Gulch, as it is known, is now the focus of a $400 million makeover whose aim is to bring to Music City a trend that planted itself in cities of its size long ago – urban chic.

Read the entire the Gulch in Nashville featured in USA Today story.

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Video of the Condos in the Gulch

On Saturday morning, I met a condo investor from California (Dennis Fong) in The Gulch to take a look at the progress being made on the Velocity condos. It was a beautiful morning so I took the oppotunity to film the layout of The Gulch. In this video you will see where the Velocity, the Icon, the Terrazzo and the Mercury View Lofts are in relation with one another…see the video of the condos in the Gulch.

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Downtown Nashville Condo Update

This article entitled “Condos face crucial test” appeared in the Nashville Business Journal on March the 6th, 2009. The author is Turner Hutchens who can be reached at 615-846-4254:

More than a thousand new luxury condos in downtown Nashville seemed like a good idea at the time.

That was just a couple of years ago, and despite the housing, credit and job busts since, developers argue that it still is…read the entire downtown Nashville condo update article.

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Eakin Partners Begin Site Work on Gulch Offices

I recently drove by the corner of 12th Avenue South and Demonbreun Street in the Gulch and noticed that the old tire repair and replacement building was in the process of being cleared. I had not heard anything about this project since early to mid 2007, but it appears that Eakin is going to be building its twin office tower concept or another office space concept. This property was expected to be a 16-20 story tower and would impressively change the landscape and entrance to the Gulch which lacks any office space of consequence.

Demo at the Aiken Partners new office building

Eakin project rendering for office tower in the Gulch

The Gulch is most notably known for its residential and condo new construction projects. Currently the Icon, the Velocity, and the Terrazzo are all under construction and will deliver almost 1,000 condos between the summer of 2008 and the end of 2009. It is our belief that the Gulch will become the premier downtown residential area of Nashville by 2010 if construction in Sobro is further delayed.

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