Real-time Crime Mapping for Nashville

This may be one of the most useful tools to be placed into a real estate agent’s hands since the online MLS was created 2 decades ago. It may also be an agent’s worse nightmare as we all become more aware of criminal activity in the greater Nashville area. This crime mapping system makes it painfully obvious that crime is all around us…even in Belle Meade.

(Click on the Map to Check it out)
Nashville Crime Rate Mapping

How the Crime Map Works

There are sixteen icons on the map. Each one represents a different type of crime. For example, a red fist is an assault, a blue dollar sign is a larceny and a green “F” is a fraud. Click on the icon and you get an incident number and a location. You can also receive crime alerts through email. If a crime happens within two miles of your house, you’re getting an email with that information almost instantaneously. This is a whole new level of neighborhood watch. Happy crime watching!

  • AgentSteph77

    I love this tool. Metro has been feeding their info to it for a while now. I heard something interesting a few months ago. I heard that today’s crime rates are at the same levels as they were in the early 1970s. Of course, you wouldn’t know it if you watch CSI and the like. Today’s kids are safer today than either of us were, yet they’re so buttoned down with scheduled play dates and GPS. They are completely lacking free range autonomy. Kinda sad.

  • Adam

    Oh god help me if my wife ever sees this.