2011 Most Read Real Estate Articles & Pages

new fire truck on christmasLooking through my website’s statistical data is so much like Christmas morning that I could hardly sleep last night knowing that I was going to find out which articles and pages were the most visited of 2011. It has been a banner year for GrantHammond.com, I recorded 186,189 visits to the site with 123,705 of those being unique visitors. All of those visitors viewed 721,234 total pages and spent an average of 5:19 on the site. Additionally, 64.76% of all visitors were new and 35.24% were returning visitors. Across the board, these numbers represent between 18% to 23% gains over 2010 and nearly 50% gains over 2009.

Setting my sights towards 2012, I am hoping to break the 1,000,000 total page view barrier which would require 2,740 page views every day. I plan to achieve this goal by continuing to produce hard hitting, statistically driven articles that are backed up by close personal contacts with developers, investors, banks, and other influencers in the Nashville real estate market. My hope is to guide you towards better real estate transactions. It is a pleasure writing these articles and I look forward to your input, guidance and continued friendship.

10 Most Read Real Estate Articles

1: http://www.granthammond.com/2011/condos/h06-condo-insurance/

2: http://www.granthammond.com/2010/condos/5th-main-condos-boot-renters/

3: http://www.granthammond.com/2010/homes/5-million-tyne-boulevard-nashville-mansion-auction/

4: http://www.granthammond.com/2011/condos/icon-sets-record-condo-sales-price-foot-tn/

5: http://www.granthammond.com/2010/condos/5-condo-highrises-nashville/

6: http://www.granthammond.com/2011/condos/final-foreclosures-rhythm-music-row/

7: http://www.granthammond.com/2010/foreclosures-reo/historic-franklin-brownstones-foreclosure/

8: http://www.granthammond.com/2011/market-news/downtown-nashville-residential-statistics-trends/

9: http://www.granthammond.com/2010/homes/whats-wrong-hampton-reserve-brentwood/

10: http://www.granthammond.com/2011/condos/fifth-main-auction-results-review/

5 Most Commented Real Estate Articles

1: http://www.granthammond.com/2011/condos/pollack-partners-buy-convert-velocity-condos-apartments/

2: http://www.granthammond.com/2010/market-news/dont-nashville-real-estate-hypeyet/

3: http://www.granthammond.com/2011/featured/trust-opinion/

4: http://www.granthammond.com/2010/market-news/nashville-market-post-flood/

5: http://www.granthammond.com/2011/market-news/downtown-nashville-residential-statistics-trends/

10 Most Visited Real Estate Pages

1: http://www.granthammond.com/nashville-condos/the-gulch/icon-in-the-gulch-condos/

2: http://www.granthammond.com/nashville-condos/downtown-nashville/

3: http://www.granthammond.com/nashville-condos/the-gulch/

4: http://www.granthammond.com/nashville-condos/downtown-nashville/encore/

5: http://www.granthammond.com/rentals/

6: http://www.granthammond.com/nashville-condos/the-gulch/terrazzo-nashville-condos/

7: http://www.granthammond.com/nashville-condos/midtown/adelicia/

8: http://www.granthammond.com/homes-for-sale/20-expensive-homes-nashville/

9: http://www.granthammond.com/homes-for-sale/brentwood/

10: http://www.granthammond.com/nashville-condos/

Strangest statistical fact of the year: Canadian visitors to GrantHammond.com stayed on the site longer and read more pages than any other place. Canadians stayed on the site for an average of 8:31 and read 12.7 pages. While I only sold 4 properties to people from Canada this year, I would like to say thank you to the 1,892 of you who came to visit.

I thank everyone for their readership, I hope to make you proud again in 2012. Here’s to a Happy and Prosperous 2012! – Grant

* photo credit: Woods Hammond makes his blog debut

  • http://www.elizabethcoltonwalls.com/blog Elizabeth Colton Walls

    Wow! A banner yearr indeed! All the best in reaching your goal for 2012!

  • Will McLemore

    Great job, Grant.  Thanks for sharing.  All the best for 2012.

  • http://www.granthammond.com/ Grant Hammond

    Thank you very much. All the best to you in your business as well, let’s do a deal!

  • Anonymous

    As for the number of visits from Canadians, it might have been caused by the situation in the US real estate market. Actually, according to statistics, low prices of the US properties allow Canadians to buy one-third more than they could have a few years ago. Simply put, buying a house in the US seems to be a great deal for Canadians nowadays.

  • Erin

    Hi Grant, 
    Great Job. Curious if you have any info on the West End Summit location. Looks like some activity started up there. 

  • http://www.granthammond.com/ Grant Hammond

    Hi Erin – yes, the activity on the West End Summit site is not as exciting as I had hoped. Metro Water is working on a project very near the West End Summit and is simply using this site as a staging ground as well as storage for their vehicles and equipment during the project.