Pictures of Velocity in the Gulch in Nashville

the velocity in the gulch

The entrance to the Velocity is located on the Pine Street side of the building. This side of the building is currently 95 percent complete and looks quite modern….see dozens more Velocity condo pictures

  • Real Estate Postcards

    Very modern and classy. The sky lounge is a nice spot for family get together. This looks like a good investment.

  • Anonymous

    Looks overpriced and the developer is in breach of a lot of these contracts which required the units to be complete in 2 years.

  • Grant Hammond

    I am not so sure that the developer is in actual breach of contract, but would love to hear what else you may know regarding a possible breach. Have you been able to get a binding legal opinion or an actual release from the developer?

    Thank you in advance for sharing.

  • Stephanie Crawford

    Great pics Grant. I'd love to reblog this if you don't mind.

  • Grant Hammond

    Steph – Absolutely, feel free to use the pics anywhere you like.

  • Anonymous

    85 of these units had contracts signed on May 17, 2007. From what I understand, all of these contracts have language that requires an occupancy permit to be issued within 2 years. Many of them still do not have those permits. The developer is relying on a force majeure clause just as they did in Icon. The problem with that position is that force majeure is not the same thing as poor planning of a construction site. There has to be an intervening event. The developer did not break ground until Oct. of 2007. These units could have been completed timely and indeed, some of them were.

    The way I see it, the Icon and other condo law suits are the canaries in the coal mine for Velocity contract holders. None of this addresses the ILFDA claims, which also could be an issue for Velocity.

  • Grant Hammond

    The contracts did have a 2 year deadline, but they also had built in extensions in addition to the force majeure clause. It is my understanding that developer is still well within the extended time as outlined by the contract, but again, I am not an attorney and would love to get a legal opinion asap.

  • Anonymous

    Go back and read the contract carefully; the built in extensions are for the closing date, not the 2 year c/o deadline. In either case, Bristol waited until Oct. of 2007 to break ground. If they had started the project timtely, Velocity would have been complete months ago.

  • Anonymous

    Not only are they in breach of contract…there was absolutely no contact from Velocity since the day the contract was signed until the day saying the wait was over…also now what condos that started in the $190,000's are now starting in the $140,000's.

  • Anonymous

    Velocity (Bristol Development Group) plans to sue contract holders who cannot close on their units. Bristol has maintained that contract holders have a legal obligation to close, even if they forfeit their deposits. Letters received last week, the firm says it should be paid lost profits, marketing, utilities, property taxes, attorney's fees and homeowners association dues.

    I signed my contract in 2007 but can't afford to follow through on my contract because lending standards have toughened and because condo values have fallen.

    These current actions of Bristol are ridiculous! I am shocked.